Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Quick Haikuesday (5/18/2010)

Lovely weekend for being proud of my family! I watched my Mother-in-Law get her Doctorate in Education on Friday, my Sister-in-Law get her Teaching Degree Sunday morning and my other Sister-in-Law graduate from High School. But because this week has been busy, I havent had much time for composing Haikus, so Im writing these on the sly at work. Oh the joys of loathing your job.

The Three Graduates:
1 Doctorate
, 1 Teacher
And 1 on her way.

Work is hard to find
But calling them Jerbs, not jobs,
Makes me feel better.

Hearing my school choir
Makes me realize some things do
Not improve with age.

Okay, nose being pressed firmly to the Grindstone again.

-Over and Out-

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