Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Days of TV - Day 10


Last year, if I had been asked what show I would 'never' watch, I would have said American Idol. Idol stood out in my mind as the epitome of horrible music and teeny-bopperness.

But then something horrible happened.

Daniel DVR'd the new season.

(reenactment - the names have not been changed to protect the innocent)

Beth: What the heck is this on our DVR?
Daniel: Heeheee
Beth: WTF??
Daniel: I think we should watch it this year.
Beth: ..... (waits for the punch line)
Daniel: (pushes play)
Beth: (still waiting for punch line)

It was funny. I had to give it that. And in between the funny parts were some good parts. I was impressed and not-so-impressed and wow'd a couple of times. Plus, we loved watching Steven Tyler and J Lo, and making fun of Randy and Ryan Seacrest. By the time the Hollywood Rounds started I had to admit that I geniunelly liked American Idol.

Maybe it's because I had never watched it before, or because this season has good talent or because J Lo is just so darn pretty, but we both watch it every week. We've voted. We've crossed our fingers for our favorites and been shocked when those favorites get the boot.

Looking back now, I'm not sure why I ever thought I'd dislike this show. Music, singing in particular, is a giant part of who I am. So a giant national talent show should have been right up my alley. Granted, in the end, I suppose it will probably just end up being a Giant Popularity contest, but I suppose that's what being an entertainer is all about.

"I am the entertainer,
And I know just where I stand:
Another serenader,
And another long-haired band.
Today I am your champion.
I may have won your hearts.
But I know the game,
You will forget my name,
And I won't be here
In another year,
If I don't stay on the charts"

-Billy Joel

What else was did we used to hate?

JessieDany (to be published)