Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Brief History

So I've been starting to think lately about exactly why I've started a blog and also why everytime I've had a "diary/webpage/live journal/any form of writing on a regular basis device" I've never been able to keep up with it. I remember being so excited in Eighth Grade after I read "The Diary of Anne Frank". I immediately went out and bought my own diary so that I could begin my own documentation of my existence. I even gave it the same name as Anne's "Kitty."*

I think it lasted for about a week of regular updates, then about once every two to three weeks, then I updated about once every six months and finally....well I have no idea where it even ended up. Probably in a pile of my old school papers in a box in my mom and dad's basement. Ooops...sorry about STILL never going through those boxes.... I's not like I've been married for 3 1/2 years and own my own house with plenty of space for storing old diaries.

ANYWAY...back to my earlier story, journals just don't seem to work. So I'm gonna try to just say...there are no committments with this. We'll see if this goes the way of my earlier attempts.

P.S. I would just like to state that Skittles are scarily sugary. After eating a "fun-size" bag about 5 minutes ago, I feel like I should be doing jumping jacks and getting ready to race Michael Phelps.

* unimaginative was I? couldn't I have thought of a name for MY OWN diary!!??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am throwing all common sense aside and inviting everyone into my new blog. Congratulations on your good fortune!
So I've been reading the latest Twilight Book and I have to say I'm addicted. I also refuse to call it "Breaking Dawn". Instead I always say I'm reading Twilight # 4. "Breaking Dawn" seems pretentious, I suppose, whereas Number 4 seems like the name of a James Bond villian. Either way...I totally adore the storyline, so SUCK IT all you disappointed teeny boppers!!!
Blog Contest!!

The name of my blog is "You Weren't So Jumpy in the Old Days Steve". If anyone (aside from my sister) can tell me where this came from, that person will win an excellent prize*!!!!

* Prize consists of me announcing your name on my blog. No purchase necessary. Need not be present to win.