Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Deathcentric Musical Day

So I'm not really sure why this is happening, but the two songs I've had in my head all morning at "Feed Me Seymore" from Little Shop of Horrors and "Epiphany" from Sweeney Todd.

Both are about people deserving to die.

(Starring the kickass Angela Lansbury and the AMAZING George Hearn)

(And my childhood crush, Rick Moranis. He's so dreamy.)

I really don't think anyone deserves to die right now. I swear! And I know that this post, coming right after my last post makes me look like a terrible person, but I swear, I don't have murder on my mind. I just happen to like my music murderous.

Although you guys sure look like plant food to me. ;-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

We Hate HER Club

Have you ever met a person that assaults your senses in a not good way? Looking at the person is only a little better than hearing the grating sound of said person's voice talking her complete nonsensical bullshit. A person whose very presence in the room makes you want to simultaniously vomit and run as far away as possible.

I have met such a person...and SHE is marrying one of my friends.


What do you do when the friend you thought you knew, chooses to love a person that is the complete opposite of all the great and unique things you like about your friend? Paula Abdul might say that Opposites Atract, but I say, "What the F*ck Paula Abdul?"


It's okay for now, but I wonder what will happen when I watch my friend marry HER?? I mean, if this were a movie, my friend would meet a wonderful girl, full of life, vitality and adventure AND through a series of hilarious mishaps, he would eventually realize he loves this new girl and after a ton of people get arrested and burglars try to steal the jewels, and the secret agent guy grabs the hidden documents, the wedding will be called off and everything will work itself out lovely. Ummmm...that is pretty much what happens in What's Up Doc?
More Sigh.

At least one good thing does come out of all this: When I'm with HER, I appreciate all the people I love more and more. Plus, now I'm in the mood to watch What's Up Doc?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am so lazy

So I am completely lazy and have not yet done and have not yet updated about Halloween or anything cool that has happened recently. I promise that the Halloween post will come eventually, in all it's glory, but until now, here is a teaser.

But right now, I just have to say three things.

1. Thank God Barak won the election.
2. All Marriages should be illegal until EVERYONE can marry who they love.*
3. I get to go to Chicago in less than 6 hours!!! You cannot imagine how excited I am just to be out of this state for a long weekend.

* I also have to say that my feelings on this MIGHT have to do a little with the fact that I have already been invited to 7 WEDDINGS next year and honestly....that's too much.

So everyone have a great weekend and know that I am having a sweet and awesome time! Wooo!