Thursday, October 16, 2008

Movie Time

Just watched Iron Man on Blueray Tuesday night and I have to say it was pretty sweet! What was also pretty sweet was my drinking at least 3 Mich Ultras and getting pretty darn tipsy while sitting in a Papasan Chair. ;-) Anyhoo....

Does anyone remember this movie? I was just reminded of it yesterday when I read an article on the Best Halloween movies to watch and now I can't get it out of my head. I'm almost positive I watched it when I was a kid and probably totally loved it. I'm putting it on my Netflix.
As of now I have only vague memories of THAT movie, but I DO have awesome memories of a lot of other Halloween movies which I have compiled for you here! Without further ado, I present:

My Top 5 Films to Watch on Halloween

5. Arsenic & Old Lace -

Ever since I did this show in October of 90-something, I have adored it. :-) Mortimer Brewster is one of the THE coolest characters out there. His mix of dry, witty humor, plus slapstick gets me every time. Plus, the Frankenstein/Igor mentality of Johnathan & Dr. Einstein make the show amazing!

4. Casper -

Christina Ricci? Between this and Now and Then, my high school self completely adored you. I also adored that dress you got to wear...and HOLY CRAP, Casper was HOT!! Plus you lived in the coolest House EVER and you had the neatest Halloween Party too, and Bill Pullman is awesome and holy cow, I NEED to watch this movie right now.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show -

Halloween Memory: Going to Sarah Davenport's house and dressing up with Brenda as Brad and Janet to watch it on VH1. At the time, I was pretty sure it was the "dirtiest" movie I had EVER seen and that I was probably going to hell for watching it. If only my high school self could meet me now. . .

2. Hocus Pocus -

Oh, Hocus Pocus. How many times have I watched thee? How many times have I made eyes over the kid from Erie Indiana?? How many times have I sang Come Little Children I'll Take Thee Away... and Put A Spell On You?? The answer is LOTS. And even though I could probably quote the entire movie, it never really gets old....well, almost never.

1. Poltergeist -

Possibly the best "Scary" movie ever made. The creepy clown, the freakin' ridiculously too scary tree, and that awesome lady who was in all those 80's movies. Spielberg at his best, Film at it's best, and creativity at its best! Most definitely my FAVORITE Halloween movie, and one which I have watched repeatedly for the past three Halloweens running.

So what will I be doing this Halloween?? Well...aside from partying it up hardcore at my Annual Halloween Party, I WILL be watching Poltergiest sometime during the night. And who knows, maybe we'll all fall asleep with the TV on . . .

Honorable Mention
Donnie Darko

Friday, October 10, 2008

Memorable Prom Night...

Friday...thank the Gods! Right now I'm listening to "Sh-Boom" otherwise known as "Life Could Be A Dream" by the Chords. It always makes me think about Back to the Future. At least the first movie, when they go back to the 50's. :-)

This Halloween I am planning on being a 1950's high school girl on Prom Night. On the way to the Prom, she and her steady boyfriend stop at Lover's Lane to neck. Unfortunately...this turns out to be a wrong choice, because as they are in her boyfriend's convertable, zombies attack them. My girl struggles, but eventually is bitten and infected with the zombie virus. Soon she is one of them too, and what is there to do but go to the Prom and wreck a little havoc! Mwahahahahah!!!

I should really give my girl a name.....hmmmm, what was Marty's mom's name?? I'm really going for her look actually, except I'll be wearing a knee length dress instead of a long one. I still haven't decided about my hair either....but I think I might be able to pull off her style as well...only with some twigs, dirt, and messyness in it to account for the zombie struggle.

Wikipedia has informed me that her name was Lorraine!! Excellent. Would I be too much of a copycat to go by Lorraine the zombie, or should I do something more original? Maybe it will just be Betty... Also, along with the whole prom dress zombie theme...I found this movie/musical online. Zombie Prom.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Saw Catbus!!!

Lots to talk about.
Came from a great weekend and ended up with a terrible Monday. But honestly, I'm in a pretty good mood now, and since I don't want to spoil it, that's all I'll say on the subject until later.

So instead I'm going to focus on My Neighbor Totoro! Ever since we watched this movie on Sunday evening, we have been singing the song "To-to-ro, To-toro" and I am now in love with Catbus. I want Catbus. Watch the video and you'll see him. :-)

Now brace yourself for this. There is a real life Catbus.

I must have it. I must in a way that James Bond Villians MUST rule the world. Catbus and I must become one and travel the world bringing peace and joy to everyone we encounter.