Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Got Back From the Windy City (haikuesday 5/11/2010)

Daniel and I just returned from a nice weekend vacation to Chicago. Chicago is one of my absolute favorite cities. I never feel more at home than when I'm riding on the El. I love the whirring noise of the trains and the clapping of the tracks. Thank god there's not a bell to go clang clang, or I might break into a Judy Garland song or two. ;-)

Things we did in Chicago:
  • Visited friends (always nice)
  • White Sox Game (Freezing)
  • Deep Dish Pizza from Lou Malnatis (good sausage)
  • Iron Man 2 (sweet)
  • Learned to play Penuckle (fun)
  • Deep Dish Pizza from Pizanos (good cheese)
  • Wandered around Millennium Park (saw the Bean!)
  • Art Institute of Chicago (TOP NOTCH)
  • Cubs Game (Also Freezing, but very fun)

Here are two haikus in honor of my trip:

Cubs Fans, White Sox Fans
might be different - but they
BOTH froze this weekend

Lou Malnatis - Good.
Pizanos - Nice. The BEST is
still Giordanos.
And for a 100 Best Children's Novels Update, I finished "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster over the weekend. Amazing, clever, and downright wonderful. Can't wait to read it again. :-)

-over and out-

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