Friday, January 2, 2009

Why Can't I Dream Like A Normal Person!?

The Scene of My Dream:
There has been an attempted murder on someone's life. A lady with attack birds was poised and ready to release her Perilous Pigeon onto an unsuspecting victim (who happens to be a presidential candidate). Just as she began to give the bird the signal, both she and the bird were hit in the neck with poison darts, sending them both to the big aviary in the sky.

The Rest:
I was witness to the entire scene, and as I wait on the couch, two FBI agents come in to investigate. They find the woman's body and make a few notes. Then a third agent comes in and asks, "Where's the victim?" and the second answers "You mean the lady who raises dead birds?"

At that point, I lose it. I start to giggle, then my giggle becomes a full blown laugh. Then I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying, and finally I am falling on the floor and saying "raises dead birds" over and over, and each time I repeat it, the phrase becomes more hilarious, and suddenly

I am in two places at once.

My sleeping body is beginning to laugh. My dream self is still rolling around hysterically, but I can hear Daniel stirring beside me and asking me if I'm all right. My body starts to shake and my eyes are tearing up and I am letting out big gasps of laughter. I hear myself saying "Dead Birds" to Daniel and he sounds worried. I can't stop though. The tears are dripping down my cheeks and my chest is aching. Then my dream self gradually starts to fade away and I start to understand I am in my bed. My guffaws turn to chuckles and I sit up and wipe my eyes.

It's then I realize that both of my nostrils are completely plugged up and I can barely breathe. And this may sound crazy, but I think I started laughing so that my body could get more oxygen, since my nose certainly wasn't doing the job.

Anyway...this was definitely THE weirdest dream experience ever.

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