Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been struggling to think of something to write about lately. Other than the fact that I am currently reading five books, and have been working out twice a day for 20 days (Woo!), life has been pretty quiet.

Mr. Barak Obama was sworn in as our 44th president yesterday, and that made me really, really happy. :-)

Can't find the oomph to be pissed off at George Bush right now, mainly, I think, because I'm just so excited that he is gone. I honestly caught myself laughing at one of his jokes during his last press conference and thinking "Oh George!" (insert corny sitcom music here). Don't worry though, I promptly slapped myself silly, and now I'm confidant that my anger toward him will eventually return in full force.

Other than that, what is happening?? January is that weird time of the year when you feel a new beginning coming on, and yet, it also feels like you are just sitting there, waiting for that new beginning to actually start. As I write this in the "dead zone" that is 3 PM at work, my stomach is tied up in knots and I keep wanting to just jump up and down and run around the building. Antsy is probably the perfect word for it.

So for now, I will continue to work out everyday, cook yummy things, read my five different books, and goof around the house, until February gets here and its awesomeness breaks me out of this mood.

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