Thursday, January 8, 2009


Our New Years Day was pretty uneventful. Even though I stayed sober and drove home on New Years Eve, Daniel and I pretty much acted like we both had bad hangovers. Honestly we wore our pajama's all day and did a grand total of "not too much."

Well, that evening, after I had a made a delicious dinner, Daniel was sitting on the couch playing video games and I was on the floor playing Bananagrams,Clayton and some friend s walked in from a busy day of shopping/having fun to grab a few things. After they had left, I turned to Daniel and said, "Wow. They must think we are the lamest people in the entire world."

He just smiled and said "Yep!"

I'm glad we are both in on the joke.

Lame, schmame. Look at what we get into when we stay home all weekend!

I used every letter in the whole bananagrams set and DID not cheat! Behold my awesomeness.

Daniel got a blow-up punching bag for his birthday. I was pretty disappointed when I found out it was only 3 feet tall, but we've been having a pretty good time beating the crap out of him. ;-)

This is what happens when Daniel tells me to tuck him into his covers. Nuff said.

Love you, silly goose husband. I hope the next four years are even more fun!

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B Fuhr said...

Aww, look how late you stayed up to post this.

And as I will always say, "You're welcome."

I hope you both do something completely lame today to celebrate.