Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7: Least Favorite Episode of Your Favorite TV Show

When I think about the amount of time I poured over the "Favorite Episode" category of this challenge, the time spent on my Least Favorite episode is kind of laughable. I read the prompt, thought for approximately 2 seconds, and said "Runaway Bride."

Ah, the dreaded* Christmas Special.

And what did the Creepy Robot Santa-Mask people bring us this year?

Donna. Noble.

(pause for screams)

(Yes Donna. Please call the police to have them come & remove you from this show!)

Just for some background. This episode was the first one since Rose's extremely emotional departure. I, for one, was worried about the direction of the show and what it would be like without her. Suddenly we were assaulted by "The Runaway Bride" Miss Donna Noble. My brain could not process it. Every word from her mouth was annoying and every guesture made me want to vomit. Even as the story progressed, and my empathy kicked in a little for her, I still couldn't help but cheer when she told The Doctor she didn't want to travel with him as a companion. Thank God.

So Donna Noble** is the main reason I hate this episode, although the lame spider-alien-lady-villian didn't help much either.

-over and out-

*For the record, I only hated the first few Christmas specials, the last few have been lovely.

**I do not HATE Donna any more, although I did cry when I figured out she was going to be the main companion in Season 4. Amazingly she grew on me (a bit like a fungus), but that is another story.

What Other Crappy Episodes Are Out There:

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