Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Days of TV - Day 6 - Fav Episode of Your Fav Show

I will just say it. I've been gone for a long time just because I'm lazy. Now I'm back in business and ready to make some progress on these days of TV.

When I first saw this Challenge, I immediately said Vincent & The Doctor from Series 5 of Dr. Who. I was completely prepared to write about this scary, sweet and sad episode about the Doctor and Amy traveling back to meet Vincent Van Goth (they pronounce it goth like the people who wear black clothes all the time. Heehee). It had one of my favorite lines "Bowties are cool," my favorite Doctor (Matt Smith, I admit it), a cameo by Bill Nighy, and just a really beautiful story.

But then Daniel and I watched David Tennant's last episode and in traditional "goodbye style" he revisited some characters from previous storylines. When he visited one character, I started crying and couldn't stop, and although it seems like a lot of my reactions to Dr. Who involve me weeping uncontrollably, I did realize that my favorite episode seems to actually be a two parter called Human Nature and Family of Blood.

When the episode opens we see The Doctor and Martha running from and unknown assailant and looking more scared than we've ever seen them. The Doctor seems out of options and starts to tell Martha he's going to do something drastic.

The next scene opens on England 1913. We see The Doctor, but it looks like he's pretending schoolteacher called John Smith. Then Martha walks in and she's dressed as a maid. It takes a few moments, but suddenly you realize that this isn't pretend. The Doctor has made himself Human remembers nothing about his past. John has only his dreams to remind him of his past. Martha and the Doctor must hide out with the Doctor as human to escape the Family of Blood, an enemy that wants the Doctor's precious immortality. If they can't sense the Doctor's presence (which they shouldn't because he's technically not there), then after a few months, Martha will give the Doctor a watch, and when he opens it, he'll become a time lord again. Unfortunately for the both of them, the Family of Blood is hot on their trail, and things get even more fuzzy when John Smith falls in love with the school nurse.

There are three reasons I love this episode.

1. Very cool time period. The episode occurs right before the start of World War I and the school John Smith is the principal of is actually a military training school. Thinking about how all these boys will soon be at war, when they are so young is pretty sobering. Also the costumes, scenery and technology of the day are wonderful. At one point the Family of Blood raises an army of scarecrows. Sweet!

2. This is the first episode I ever really LOVED David Tennant as The Doctor. The funny thing is, he's barely even The Doctor at all. But seeing him playing a human, especially one that has to come to grips with not really existing at all, really made me love him as the Doctor more. Just a heartbreaking performance.

3. I LOVE MARTHA JONES!! Martha is my favorite companion. I love how brilliant, beautiful and absolutely smart she is. I mean, she's almost a Doctor, and here is she is living as a maid in early Twentieth Century England. This is really just the first of many amazing things she does for the Doctor, but really, she is just awesome. Here is a pretty picture of her, because I love her.

Other Favorite Episodes:

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Okay, that's all for this day. I promise to update some more, because I really am looking forward to finishing this up!

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Jeanne said...

My favorite episode of my favorite show ever is the "Our Mrs. Reynolds" episode of Firefly.