Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Days of TV - Day 5 - A Show You Hate

This is the hardest challenge yet. I cannot think of a show I do not like right now.

I can think of some shows that are not very good, and some shows that I have chosen not to watch, but is there a show that really provokes my complete and utter distaste? There are certainly some shows that make me cringe at the very thought of them (Outsourced, Wife-Swap, Undercover Boss), but since I don't watch them, I feel it would be wrong for me to judge.

Grah! What should I choose???


I'm closing my eyes. I'm thinking back, back into my past. Back into my repressed television horror story memories....

Ah. There it is.

Oh my.

I had forgotten...

Walker, Texas Ranger.

(I like my heroes tougher than this, but it looks like I'm out of luck.)

For a good portion of my life, Walker Texas Ranger was just one of those shows that I knew was on, but had blissfully never watched. Never watched, that is, until my cousin landed a role as an extra for one of the episodes. The night it aired, the family gathered around the television and I have to confess I was not prepared for the immediate cheese that started spewing everywhere. Not only was the story not very good, but its prim "moralyness" made me feel like I was watching some sort of Focus on the Family educational video. Finally at the very end of the episode, my cousin's scene was on. He was on for aproximately 5 seconds. WTF?! I had just sat through an HOUR of hell for 5 seconds of my cousin's face? Seriously?

Grah. Why did I dredge up this horrible memory??

(just kill me now)

Other Terrible Shows:
Nikki (to be published)
Dany (to be published)

-over and out-


CSpotGo said...

So much for Chuck Norris's ability to conquer anything - he couldn't conquer your heart, could he? Chuck Norris < Beth!

Bren said...

But, remember it did give us the ridiculous bit on Conan.



Dany said...

I cannot stand this show either- it's just so.....words can't describe it. Good choice, my friend.. good choice.