Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 Days of TV - Day 2 - A Show You Wish More People Were Watching

I have to thank Linda Holmes from NPR's pop culture blog, MonkeySee, for today's choice. Without her constantly writing about, talking about and daily professing her love for Community, I never would have started watching. So thank you, Linda. Because of you, I now watch a quirky little show that pulls out so many jokes I have trouble remembering which one made me start laughing in the first place.

For the uninitiated, Community is about a group of Community College students who end up in the same study group. Everyone is completely different, but they all end up becoming close friends anyway.

So why do I love it? I'll start counting the ways:

1. Adorable Opening.

Seriously, cute song, cute fortune-telling device from childhood (or from yesterday...I like to fold paper), and cute drawings. LOVE. IT.

2. The Peeps.

Aside from the opening, I also love the characters. There is a lawyer has-been, a former Peace Core member, a divorced mom, a 'moist towelette tycoon', a football player, an aspiring film director, and an overachiever. Trying to spend time writing about each character individually has been hard for me though. I know what really makes this show click are the characters interacting with each other. Actually, I probably should remember this show for the "Best Ensemble" choice. So instead of me explaining to you who everyone is, blah blah blah, I'm just going to show you this clip from the episode Cooperative Calligraphy.

*And for all of my anal friends who need more explanation than that, here's Wikipedia's link to Community's characters.

3. Theme Episodes!

You really only have to watch the promos for upcoming episodes of this show to know why I love it. THEME EPISODES. And unlike Glee, their theme episodes don't suck! Last season the episode "Modern Warfare" used a paintball fight to parody every awesome action movie ever.

At Christmas, the entire episode was done in Claymation.

And, as if I wasn't in love with them already, this year's Halloween party turned everyone into zombies. ZOMBIES!

4. Heart! (Blub Blub Blub)

The best comedy sitcoms are the ones that make you cry sometimes, and Community possesses the unique ability to do just that. These goofball characters care about each other, and although they may do some not-so-nice things in the course of each episode, there is always a sense of good-natured fun. In the Christmas episode, Ahmed is heartbroken because his mom won't be there to watch Rudolph this year, but he eventually realizes that his friends are his family. And that's what's best about this show. Friends becoming family.


"But," you tell me, "I'm still not sure if I should start watching Community."

Still need convincing, eh.

I didn't think so.

-over and out-

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Bren said...

I'm not sure why I can't get fully into Community. It upsets me. Maybe I need to just wait on it like I did with Parks and Rec.

Which you need to watch. Netflix it.