Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snippets from a Fun Weekend

Just got back from a nice weekend in the Mountains of Colorado. Daniel golfed, I got to shop in Oldtown Fort Collins (my favorite shopping place in the world), and we hiked, fished, cooked and relaxed and it was all glorious.

And though I wished I could have stayed longer and not had to work, it was nice to be back in my own bed last night. No place like home, I suppose. :-)

So here is today's Haikuesday helping.

Daniel's Celebrity Commentary

"It's Crowe vs. Quaid!"
Supreme Court Decision or
Meg Ryan's Love Life?

Drew's Lament

He woke up singing
"It's too late to 'pologize..."
Now we sing it too.

Vacation Ends...

Napping on my couch
Wearing ratty pajamas
So glad to be home.

Also, Charlie has pointed out that I should have been happy in the last post because he and my sister are coming home. So just for clarification: I am happy. :-) Love you both and can't wait for you to come home too.

-Over and Out-

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