Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Haikuesday Bluesday...

I am having a terrible time concentrating today. So instead of putting on headphones and blocking out the world to attempt to tackle the mountain of work on my desk, I've decided to reinstate Haikuesday. Here are a few Haikus regarding why I'm having a hard time getting any work done today.

The Annoying Co-Workers
a set of 3 haikus
(By Me)

Want to whisper next
to my desk and drive me mad?
Great. The line forms there.

Ears hear: Murmering
My head thinking: Murdering
Can I go home yet??

Turn up the music
But they just raise their voices
L. E. A. V. E.

And...they are still there.

My self control is being tested today. Hopefully, this time tomorrow I will be in the office and won't be on the run from the cops for taping everyone's mouths shut.

-Over and Out-

1 comment:

Kamiah said...

i like the L.E.A.V.E line...and you know, how in general you captured the annoyance of co-workers. Dang them.