Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catie's Aloha Bridal Shower

So I'd like to apologize in advance for the lack of anything cool in this blog for awhile. Work has been crappy at the moment, so I will make up for it by posting some wonderful pictures from Catie's "Aloha" Bridal Shower!

Catie got in from Seattle on Saturday night and she greeted us with her usual bright and loving demeanor.

(That's me tackling her. The old guy just got lucky to be in this picture.)

I did a lot of prep (read waaaaaaay too much) for the party, and I was really pleased with how everything looked. Plus, now my house looks like a beach party all the time!

The first game we played was a "Make Catie a Veil" game and I have to say we got some pretty creative entries. Luckily enough, we were able to have Dad model for us too. All in all, it was awesome.

(Here comes the bride!)

(Carolyn and I working hard on our awesome veil)

(Brenda with she and Nikki's veil contribution....possibly the greatest ever made)
I also made some delicious favors and some guestbook pages for everyone to fill out for Catie. They turned out really lovely, but like an idiot I forgot to take a picture of the actual Guestbook. Catie, you'll have to send those my way.

Plus there was delicous food. Believe or not, Carolyn had never had Fruit Pizza! FRUIT PIZZA, possibly the greatest invention EVER! Luckily, I remedied that with two different kinds. :-)

(Mmmmmmm Brownie)

Plus, flip-flops were required! Although I let Grandma get away with her normal hose and orthopedic shoes. They were definitey flip-flops in spirit. :-)

(Look away Nikki and Carolyn, we know you hate feet!)

Catie got lots of presents too!
(Lovely pajamas from yours truly)

And we had Mai Tais in Margarita glasses on top of a Kegerator.
You just can't beat that irony.

All in all, a lovely party, and a lovely time, and a lovely sister. :-)

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