Monday, April 27, 2009

Mysterious Mustache??

So now it is two weeks with no mustache, and I have to say that things are going well. Although I do have to mention that only TWO days after he shaved it off, I became deathly ill with the Bubonic Plague....or, it could be called a sinus infection. Whatever you call it, I was basically knocked flat for around 5 days, and I really didn’t start feeling well till this past weekend.

Then I started thinking about the last time I had been really sick, and I was having a pretty hard time recalling being sick in a long while. In fact, I had a strong sense that I hadn't been ill for at least one year…which was timed almost perfectly with how long the mustache had been with us! Had the mustache been a magical sickness shield hovering over our home? Had the mustache hairs that had stuck up my nose every time I kissed Daniel implanted magical antibodies directly into my immune system?

Such questions have haunted me these past two weeks.

Anyway…..I am feeling much better now, but I can't help feeling that Daniel’s mustache was a sort of "Force Shield" of health. And even though I cheered when he shaved it off, it seems that a little part of me (the healthy part I guess) must have been shaved off with it, and washed down the sink, most likely clogging up the drain as it went.

Either that or it was the zombies.


Paul Michael Murphy said...

I'm planning to grow a mustache over my summer break.

The Wife is less than enthusiastic.

Betty said...

Hah! Well, I wasn't super excited when he first shaved it off either, but it grew on me....or on him I guess. :-)

Anita said...

I came here from Murph was hilarious visiting your blog for the first time and being hit with the moustache post...I didn't know if you were a man or woman who'd just lost a moustache, or what. Answer is or what, I guess. Anyway, love the cat photo...see you at Murph Blog.

Monica said...

i too, was wondering if you had shaved off your own moustache, Betty, and i was thinking how remarkably brave you were, to even discuss your moustache here on the interweb. then i actually read it, and realized that it's your SO's moustache. Phew.
PMM< go ahead and grow a moustache.