Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meant to post this on Monday, but I've been distracted.....


Celebratory Mustache Poem
One year ago, on a cool March day,
A man named Daniel decided to play.
As he was in the shower, he said to his wife
Bring me a razor, a mirror, and a knife
She brought them to him and when he was done,
He stepped from the shower and yelled, "It's the one!"
"On my face is a mustache, its ends are quite curly,
The middle is long and it looks kinda squirrely.
My mustache is great and I'll keep it awhile.
I'll only shave off when it goes out of style."
When he wore it around, he received some stares
Little kids pointed and said "Look over there!"
Some people laughed, some people cried,
others suspected his brain had been fried.
But the mustache stayed on, in one form or another.
The ends have been curly, straight and touching each other.
And now it has lasted for exactly one year.
A proud day for him and he's made it quite clear.
"A mustache is a very grand thing to grow.
It shows everyone that you aren't the average Joe.
There's just one thing I really need to say,
Happy Mustache to all, and to all a good day!"


Nikki said...

I love you, Beth.

Belinda said...

I love you too Beth.

Your witty words filled me with joy,
as I gazed upon this shiny new toy.

I cried out "Beth is the best!
She took this mustache mess.

"Then made a poem of elaborate rhyme,
To tell of her love for Daniel, one of a kind"

Beth is a word smith, it's true.
She is a person unique, one of few.

We love her quite dearly, all of the time.
A jewel among ladies, she makes us feel fine.

A woman who loves her man's mustache
even if it always gives her face a rash.

So, here's my ode to Beth, so dear.
One in a million, that much is clear!