Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love Me, Love My Jacket...

So my good friend Nikki had her birthday several Saturday's ago, and she just so happened to have an 80's birthday party to celebrate the year of her birth! Now I know as well as the next person that the 80s should never, EVER come back into style, but for celebrating one day, I'm all for going all out in crazy 80s style.

So being a crazy, fun-loving, fan of dressing up and looking AWESOME, my good friends and I helped create the most awesome thing that has ever existed: my beloved jacket.

Yes. Behold it's beauty. It says my name. It says 82 Rules. It has rhinestones and hearts and Bubble letters and stars and squiglies. It's THE most awesome piece of clothing I own, and I know that I am really not worthy to wear it. I love this jacket.

Here is a good front view, plus an awesome picture of my good friend Ashley. :-) She was totally rocking with a big shirt and big belt and some totally rad shades.

Brenda dressed up like the lady from Some Kind of Wonderful, plus she had a flask. Please look closely at the jacket and you might just see the shoulder pads!!

These two cool dudes are really just too cool for school.

The cutest couple I they look like they could totally do a mosh pit and be cool rock stars and such.

An awesome group pic that I stole from Nikki, but it looks totally sweet, so that's just how I roll.

Another awesome shot of my totally sweet jacket. And a great shot of Carolyn too. :-)

Seriously, though:
Jacket Haiku
Oh, oh my jacket
Comfort me with joyful thoughts
I love you, jacket

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