Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haikuesday Baby Day!

As many readers of the blog may know (all six or seven of you), my friend Belinda of Blogaphobia fame (even though she hasn't updated in a year) has been expecting a baby. And yesterday, after a good many false starts earlier in the month, she finally decided to arrive!

So today's Haikuesday is for you, Avery Elizabeth Potter. I can't wait to meet you, watch you grow up, and see what a beauiful woman you become.

One day we'll tell you
How the Olympics helped bring
you into this world

Avery Potter
Lovely - But you'll always be
Pepper in our hearts

Love you already baby girl!

-over and out-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haikuesday 10-18-10

Inspiration is eluding me on this Haikuesday. While I am still #FuriouslyHappy, I also happen, today, to be #FuriouslySleepy as well, and the two are dueling quite, well, furiously.

So while I'm waiting for my body to decide if I should pass out or start smiling, here's some of the poetry that has been interesting me lately. In particular, Sherman Alexie:

Monosonnet for Rodents, Interrupted
By: Sherman Alexie


I've only found three skeletons and a cluster of fur. No, I don't think you're paranoid. I believe that you've heard rodent noise. I think you're still playing host for those pests. I still think they're making their nests, but, sir, I've been down a lot of holes, and a lot of rats have been down my shirts, and you need to be told the facts. You don't have rats;


-over and out-

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Furiously Happy Haikuesday

So since last week's determined to be happy post, and a similar vow from The Bloggess (she created the #FURIOUSLYHAPPY hashtag), things have been going swimmingly well in the happy department. I had one of those perfect weekends with trips to the Farmer's Market, my favorite antique store, my favorite bakery, a very scary Haunted House , and a Sunday at the KC Renaissance Festival where I drank too many bottles of Smithwicks, saw a Human Chess Battle Match (awesome), and heard bawdy stories and songs about pirates at the Royal Smoker (double awesome).

And on top of all that, my chorus was named "Best Pipes" of Kansas City in "The Pitch" our alternative weekly newspaper. Woot Woo!

Deciding I will
be furiously happy
improves life a lot.

-over and out-

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Haikuesday

As I started out to write today's Haikuesday post, I realized I was planning on some depressing crap about how I was missing some people and there were some other people dying and how I was generally sad about those things. I wrote about three words of a sappy Haiku, then realized that this is the first Haikuesday of October. My FAVORITE Month. And October means that it's Fall! My FAVORITE Season! And Fall means: Pumpkins, Leaves, Apples, Tights, Scarves, Sweaters and Halloween! (In case you haven't guessed, those are my favorite things). So SCREW DEPRESSION! From now on (or at least until the rest of the month), Happy Beth will be in residence, and hopefully she'll stick around.

The world sometimes sucks
so shut your eyes and whistle
Happy Days are Here!

When I wake up
and zombies haven't attacked
It is a good day

Zip-up sweater, tights
Denim skirt and boots - Congrats
Wardrobe! Fall is Here.

-Over and Out -