Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Haikuesday

As I started out to write today's Haikuesday post, I realized I was planning on some depressing crap about how I was missing some people and there were some other people dying and how I was generally sad about those things. I wrote about three words of a sappy Haiku, then realized that this is the first Haikuesday of October. My FAVORITE Month. And October means that it's Fall! My FAVORITE Season! And Fall means: Pumpkins, Leaves, Apples, Tights, Scarves, Sweaters and Halloween! (In case you haven't guessed, those are my favorite things). So SCREW DEPRESSION! From now on (or at least until the rest of the month), Happy Beth will be in residence, and hopefully she'll stick around.

The world sometimes sucks
so shut your eyes and whistle
Happy Days are Here!

When I wake up
and zombies haven't attacked
It is a good day

Zip-up sweater, tights
Denim skirt and boots - Congrats
Wardrobe! Fall is Here.

-Over and Out -


Charlie said...

well, as part of your pledge to be happy. I think it will please you to know that we are officially moving home in December and you will have lame young people to entertain. WOO HOO!

Betty (Beth) said...

I love entertaining lame young people! How did you know!?! ;-)

Looking forward to December. :-)