Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Haikuesday 4/6/2010

Another Haikuesday is here and I am totally unprepared, but because I’d hate to disappoint my faithful blog readers (I know there are at least a few of you), here are a few hastily compiled poems for today.

(These were inspired by yesterday’s game)

The Tailgate (by me)
Nothing better than
Drinking beer & grilling dogs
Thank God for baseball

GB (by me)*
When they play Garth Brooks
During the fourth pitching change
You have likely lost

Blood on the Ground (by me)**
His nose has been punched
He yells, “There is the fucker”
Blood drips on pavement

*They play Garth Brooks singing Low Places sometime during the game, but when usually depends on how bad we are doing.

**This is not a metaphor on how the Tigers punched the Royals in the face yesterday. We actually saw a guy chasing after another who had punched him in the face, and watching his blood trail kept me distracted for the last several innings. Sigh. L

And a few gems from Baseball Haiku: The Best Haiku Ever Written about the Game:

early morning…
cool shadows in the stands
of the small ballfield

bottom of the 8th
eight determined drunks
get the wave going

Well, that's all for today. Over and Out faithful readers.

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