Monday, April 5, 2010

Go Blue!!

Happy Opening Day Everyone!

(Mind you this only applies if you are a Kansas City Royals fan...or a fan of one of the other teams playing today). :-)

I'm heading to my first Opening Day this afternoon. Although we've had tickets before, we've always ended up selling them and making some quick cash. But this season, mainly because we were too lazy to sell our tickets, we are attending and I can't wait!

We'll be tailgaiting beforehand, then cheering on my favorite players to a wonderful victory. At least I'm hoping for a wonderful victory (Royals fans can't get too cocky).

Sadly though, I'll be missing my beloved Mark Teahen who was traded to my least favorite team, the Chicago White Sox. :(

RIP Mark.

But all sadness aside, Happy Baseball Season and Go Blue!!!


Paul Michael Murphy said...

I'm sorry my Tigers ruined your opening day. Too bad you had to go to the bullpen.

Betty (Beth) said...

That's okay, I guess. I have to say that my top three favorite teams are actually 1. Royals 2. Twins and 3. Tigers, so I can't be too upset.

Besides, I'm pretty sure we just let you guys win to raise your self esteem. ;-)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I loved the Royals growing up, back when they were good. Favorite Royals:

1. Brett
2. Biancalana (just because of the name)
3. Frank White
4. Steve Balboni, because he didn't look anything like a ballplayer.