Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Inspired by Beth at 990 Square with her Wordless Wednesdays and Jeanne at Necromancy Never Pays, and her Book Trivial Pursuit on Fridays, I've decided I need something to motivate myself to blog weekly.

So, based on my complete lazyness for uploading pictures and my absolute horribleness at Book Trivia, I've decided to put my fondness for tiny, lovely poems to work.

From now on Tuesday shall be known as:


I'll mix in some of my own haikus with some that I've read and want to share. Enjoy!

As Brenda
(by me)
Who is Brandy Farr?
Does she really exist, or
is she me spelled wrong?

Zoo (by me)
The zoo is no fun
Since Mr. Rhinocerous
Rained on my parade

From Zombie Haiku (By Ryan Mecum)

I can remember
good food that mom used to make
I bet mom tastes good

Everything I thought
tasted a lot like chicken
really tastes like man

I really have enjoyed the Zombie Haiku book, actually. It's pretty inventive and if you are alone at home reading it, you can get pretty freaked out.
Have a lovely Haikuesday everyone! :-)

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