Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Dream

So I was going back through my blogs I've started writing and never finished and came across this one and although I barely remember this dream, it made me laugh and I'm happy that I dreamed it. And since baseball season is finally getting closer, it makes since to bring it out now.

So here you go:

I am in an old fashioned movie theatre from the 1930s. No stadium seating here. Just a slight slope upwards and a unviewable balcony from my vantage point. I am seated near the back of the theatre and the screen has already started showing movie trailers. After finishing a preview for a generic romantic comedy, complete with guy, girl, and pizza place (probably), a special announcement comes on the screen.

"The following is brought to you by the National Baseball Appreication Association"

My interest has been piqued, and I begin to watch more intently.

The screen flashes to light blue, and the announcer's voice (very much like the guy in the Smucker's commercials) fills the room. "269,799," he says. He says it a couple of more times for emphasis, and the screen does some pretty neat graphics with the number and turning it around and upside down.

He continues:

"Throughout history, 269,799 persons have excelled at the sport we now know as baseball." (dramatic pause for effect) "Since our earliest times as a species, there have been those whose existence has been defined by their accomplishments in relation to it."

The screen flashes to a scene with three "cave people;" two brothers and their sister. They have made an impromtu baseball field out of rocks and dirt, and at the moment the sister is up to bat. The younger brother catcalls at her and says she won't be able to hit anything because she is a girl. The older brother looks calmly from first base and calls out to her, "You can do this, sister! Believe in yourself!" The younger brother pitches the rock towards her in slow motion. Inspirational music, most likely composed by John Williams, beings to swarm the theatre and the camera pans from the rock to the girl. As the music swells to a finish, she slams the ball out of the cave park, into the sky.

The screen pans out and begins to show a montage of the greatest baseball players in history. Babe Ruth, George Brett, the girls from A League of Their Own, and others. The announcer starts listing the names of the greats, and as he says each name, he places them on the list of 269,799 names.

The promotion is drawing to an end, more John William's music is swelling and the screen is filled with home runs, great catches, and spectacular plays. Then it's just the number again on the screen.


He says "Will you be one of these names one day?"

I am crying now, awed by the immense importance of my dream.

Then I wake up and say "What the hell??"

Strangely enough, after I examined the mysterious number more closely I realized that all those numbers, when added together, came to 42. And anyone who has ever read Douglas Adam's work, knows that 42 is the meaning of life. Thus, I see this as proof that my dream means that Baseball is actually the true meaning of life.

So lets play ball!!

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