Thursday, August 27, 2009


These aren’t really part of the “Back to School Theme” I have going on this month, but I am bored. Haiku’s are such a delight to write, and Brenda requested one the other day, so I thought I’d post some of the others I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

Red Paperclip Haiku
O red paperclip
Hidden in my fav'rite stall
I know your secret

For Brenda
Happy memories
Bounce them around in your mind
You, Pie & Grandma.

My, what a downpour
A blanketing of freshness
Wisping through the night

Beware the Leechmen!
Flashing eyes & rock hard skin
Lead to Sparkling Death

Ode to Worst Fanfic Ever
One Hundred Horse Hooves
Wandering out in the snow
Lie about Feelings

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

Morning newspaper
Used to have five sections
Now four are empty

thought I'd reply in kind!