Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie Party 2009



(And that doesn't mean that we've had 2009 of them)

So the first weekend of December, me and my ladies got together to make some cookie heaven. What we ended up with was just short of a miracle. Even after most everyone had taken their spoils home for the day, I woke up to 16 bags of cookies in my house. Thank the Gods I know a lot of Cookie Monsters! :-)

So here are some pictures of the day. Enjoy!!

We started off the day with some hard work and no-nonsense looks from Belinda. Of course that was just an act, since she brought the alcohol. ;-) Cookie shot, anyone??

Carolyn brought some cookie dough and some beer! The perfect combination!

Brenda just brought her thumbs...but that was enough. ;-)

Here are a sampling of some of the cookies we made:
Sugar & Gingerbread

Dipped Pretzels, Oreos and Peanut Butter Crackers. Mmmm.

Brenda's Snickerdoodles.

Lime Meltaways that I had some trouble with the night before, but Brenda helped save them.

Thanks to Belinda we had a ton of Frosting. And if you look carefully you'll spot the beer too. Frosting or Beer? Which is better?

We had some not so normal cookies too:

Christmas Coffin

(and the tail of Christmas Shark at the top)

Christmas Zombie and Victim (he was my creation!)

We made Daniel eat the Christmas Poop.

Nikki even made a Christmas Trash Can.

We also had some "un-rated" cookies. Hide Your Eyes, Kids!!!

Ashley's White Trash Dude with a Wife Beater and a Can of PBR. He also has HUGE balls!

My Christmas Flasher!

And Carolyn made a special cookie with all our names (abbreviated) on it!

The Whole Gang!

At the end of the night, we ordered pizza and watched/played Drunken Commando, which is pretty much just take a drink when Arnold does something humanly impossible, kills someone, or just does/says something awesome. I'm pretty sure that means you drink the whole movie.
I'm also pretty sure that Carolyn, Nikki & I ate an entire bag of Pretzel Rods.
Anyway, I'm so glad to have friends to do things like this with!
Thanks for giving me fun for Christmas this year, cause that's what I always have when I'm with you! :-)


geek details said...

So... would it be weird to say I WANT TO COME NEXT YEAR!

Betty said...


Feel free to attend! Everyone is welcome at the cookie party (as long as you aren't offended by Gingerbread Nudity). ;-)

geek details said...

Are you kidding? Gingerbread nudity is part of what made it look fun!