Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peanut Butter Crappers

A few weeks ago, while drinking a rather delicious beer at Harry's Country Club with my friend Ashley, I decided that I liked cookies. Now, this wasn't too big of a revelation, since cookies are great, but what WAS big was that I thought,
"Why don't we all get together and MAKE cookies?"

And so the "Cookie Party" was born.

Yes I know. I am a genius.

We all met on Sunday afternoon with cookie doughs in hand (with the exception of Belinda who had been catching rays in California that weekend), ready for an awesome time. And I have to say that an awesome time was had.

Here are a few of the awesome cookies we made.

We made some in the "traditional style"

And some untraditional. :-)

(Carolyn's Christmas Shark)
As you can see, we got pretty creative. :-)

Maybe a little "too" creative.

We even made a new mustache for Daniel!

I made Alex a little Alex cookie!

They got along really well...

And of course we made some "not-so-nice cookies" too...
(Cover your eyes kids!)

We named them Eunich, Adam, and Eve!

Adam forgot to wear pants, Eve wore her Christmas Tree Fig Leaf, and Eunich, has no pants, but he does have a raher nice bowtie. Thank you Ashley!
All in all it was one lovely afternoon of cookie making, baking, and decorating! I'm pretty sure we've started a new tradition, and I'm glad.....cause I lika dem cookies! Mmmmmmmm!


Belinda said...

I am bummed that I missed out on the fun. Even more bummed that Ol' Adam never made it to me intact. Ah well, it's the thought that counts. Can we make more?

Nikki said...

Why are all the "not so traditional" cookies ones that I made?

Betty said...

I was trying to upload more but Blogger decided to crap out on me, so that was all I got at the time. I'll send you an email with the rest of the pics. :-)